About Iotag

The Iotag founding team consists of animal health experts, farmers, engineers, product designers and experienced entrepreneurs from 3 different countries, with deep experience in all these domains. We leverage this to build cutting-edge technology products that provide disruptive value from day one, on the paddock, while being remarkably easy to setup and use.

Our Team


Dr. Matthew Petersen - Animal Health and Marketing

Livestock Vet and Cattle farmer, Matt loves life in the dusty Aussie Country.  He is a firm believer in the potential of bleeding-edge technology to revolutionise veterinary science and agriculture as we know it today and Iotag is where he makes that revolution happen!


Dr. Vijay Viswanathan - Operations and Technology

Armed with over a decade's experience in analytics, engineering research and enterprise-scale application development, in the US, Vijay is living his life's dream of being an entrepreneur and bringing it all together to create impact where it matters - helping today's farmers feed tomorrow's world, efficiently and sustainably.


Pramod Rao - Engineering and Software

With over two decades of engineering and technology experience under his belt, spanning Aerospace Engineering to High-tech Product Management & IT startups in the US and India, Pramod is a seasoned hand. Adept at building products and companies, that deliver outsize impact, by leveraging the latest technology. 


Prof. Roger Moser - Strategy and Ecosystem

Roger's spent his entire life, trying to get the business and academic worlds tocollaborate and make amazing things happen. On that journey, coming from a small town in rural Switzerland, he's done research in Germany, lived in India and China for many years, and has been part of a crack team that's turning East Timor, ground-up, into the world's first smart Country.



Jeremy Crow - Product and Design

Jeremy focuses on designing digital products, tools and processes that really deliver value. He's done that, for massive Australian corporations, small businesses and startups alike and brings these chops and his childhood experiences growing up on the family sheep and cattle farm in the Australian Riverina, to building products that work for our farmers, at Iotag.


Abhishek Rahu - Strategy and Partnerships

Abhishek started is career consulting on Intellectual property issues for big corporates in India. He has been part of founding teams of several startups in defence, space and even "political consulting" sectors and has been running an Agtech startup in India for over 3 years now successfully.